Steve Burgess


Time Money Mindset

Who is Steve Burgess, what is the Time Money Mindset concept all about and how can it help you? 

I’m a man that previously struggled to get the results he wanted for himself and his family.

As a proud husband and dad I knew I could do more but something just wasn’t clicking. Maybe reading this you resonate with how I used to feel. 

I didn’t have the TIME I wanted in my life. I definitely didn’t have the MONEY I desired and I most certainly didn’t have the right MINDSET to change any of this. 

What changed? I did! 

This is why the focus within either my coaching, events or the podcast is around YOU. The change starts with YOU!

ACT NOW - Join a community of like minded action takers to get the support and accountability that will change you life!

What are my coaching packages all about? 

👎🏻 No videos to watch over and over
👎🏻 No over promises where you’re then left in the dark and all alone
👎🏻 No BS theory based “google” knowledge 

✅ 121 Support & Accountability that’s results focused
✅ Build YOU and your MINDSET so you have the tools to succeed for the long term
✅ Coaching with proven success (both from clients and the coach)

👉🏻Various budget entry levels
👉🏻Packages with timescales to suit you
👉🏻Achieve your TIME & MONEY goals and so much more

These 121 packages are bespoke and tailored to achieve the results you desire. No BS. No Ego. No Fluff - just RESULTS. 

What’s stopping you get the results you want?